RE Epoxy, 1K Medium Gray Epoxy Aerosol Primer

Serial Number: RE EPOXY
Manufacturer Name: R & E
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Medium Gray 1K Epoxy Aerosol Primer

  • 11 oz Aerosol / Spray Can

Product Description: 1K Epoxy Aerosol Primer is a chrome-free 1K epoxy primer that exhibits good filling, corrosion resistance, and superior adhesion to properly prepared steel and aluminum surfaces. 1K Epoxy Aerosol Primer is a universal product that most all topcoats can be applied over.

Chemical/Solvent Resistance Testing:

10% Solvent Resistance = Excellent Results

10% Ammonia = Excellent Results

10% Hydrochloric Acid = Good Results

Gasoline = Fair Results

Xylene = Good Results

500 Hr. Salt Spray = Good Results

Surface Preparation: The surface to be coated must be free of all contamination, including dust, dirt, oil, grease and oxidation to ensure adhesion. 1K Epoxy Aerosol Primer works well to cold rolled steel, hot rolled steel, aluminum, fiberglass, and some plastics. Because of the variability of plastic substrates, coating performance should be confirmed on the actual plastic substrate being used.

Product Preparation: Shake well before and occasionally during use. After finished spraying, invert the aerosol can and spray for approximately 5 seconds to clear the nozzle to prevent primer from drying and clogging nozzle for subsequent use.

Application Data: 3 medium wet coats applied within 5 minutes at 68 degree F was tested. The results are as follows:

  • Dust Free = 15-20 minutes

  • Dry to Touch = 35-45 minutes

  • Handle = 1-2 Hours

  • To Topcoat = After 1 hour - 4 days

  • Recoat Time = Before 1 hour or after 6 hours up to 4 days.*

* Between 1 hour and 6 hours 1K Epoxy Aerosol Primer is in a critical drying stage. During this 5 hour period you should not recoat the product with itself. Please wait till after 6 hours and then you may recoat or make sure you recoat within the first hour of dry time.

Note: Application of film thickness in excess of 3 medium wet coats may substantially extend dry times and may cause problems such as adhesion failure and/or solvent popping. 1K Epoxy Aerosol Primer should not be applied less than 2 coats or peeling of the finish may occur.

Salesman Note: 1K Epoxy Aerosol Primer is a excellent product for automotive and industrial applications where an aerosol primer is needed for bare metal applications. Epoxy Primers are typically none sanding products and the 1K Epoxy Aerosol Primer is no exception. Should you need to sand you should wait approx. 3 days and then you will need to wet sand. Epoxies are typically designed as a link to the bare metal for a sandable primer to be applied over. Epoxies are corrosion resistant and have excellent adhesion to bare metal and are very universal which allows you to topcoat with almost any primer or paint finish.


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Great Product!!!, 18 Jan 2008
by Mark Johnson from Arkansas United States

I have been doing a DIY restoration on a 1967 Chevelle and I used this product on inside of the trunk. It worked very well. I then sprayed a Black and Aqua splatter paint over it with no adverse reactions.

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