Polycracker, The Professional Prep Wash Solution

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Polycracker Prep Wash

The worst time to find out you have a fisheye problem is in the middle of a paint job. The sudden appearance of a dozen craters in what was starting to look like a gorgeous paint job is enough to ruin your day (and cost you more to fix than a 10 year supply of Polycracker).

Most fisheye problems are caused be poly-silicones, the ingredients in all of today's most durable paint protection systems and waxes. Successful refinishing of treated vehicles requires removal of all traces of these chemicals. POLYCRACKER was designed to do just that. Plus, Polycracker completely removes all grease, lubricants, fingerprints, and dirt.

Fisheye Eliminator is not the Answer!!

Adding fisheye eliminator to all paint jobs "just in case" can cause major problems down the road because fisheye eliminator contain some of the same ingredients as the waxes. Adding fisheye eliminator to paint can make the paint incompatible with wax. But using it can create two problems

  1. Adhesion Problems
  2. Wax residue accumulation.
      Every time you use fisheye eliminator you leave a trace of the chemicals in your building or paint booth. In a short while you won't be able to paint a car in your building without using it. Eventually, you can reach a point when the eliminator no longer works. Your building will have accumulated so much of the wax chemicals that fisheye free refinishing becomes impossible!

Clear coats are even worse!

Using eliminators in single stage top coats is a remedy that can be pulled off, but using the stuff in primers, of the base coats of two or three stage finishes can be hazardous. Using fisheye eliminator may allow you to get the base color on, but when you apply the clear coat you could get thousands of fisheyes. When that happens, your only chance of saving the job is by adding large doses of eliminator to the clear coat. This can mean countless small fisheyes that you will later attempt to color sand and buff out, and by doing so you're risking slippage (adhesion problems) down the road.

The Simplest Solution!
Eliminate fisheye at its source. Use POLYCRACKER before painting to ELIMINATE Fisheye for good.      

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