SEM 13023, Low Luster Clearcoat, Vinyl Paint

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Manufacturer Name: SEM
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SEM 13023, Low Luster Clearcoat, Vinyl Paint

  • 12 oz Aerosol

Formulated to match, restore or change color on most vinyl surfaces, flexible and rigid plastics, carpet and velour. COLOR COAT is fade resistant, flexible and is a permanent coating. COLOR COAT is not a dye.

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Preparation: Clean, Clean, Clean!  I can't stress enough how the surface being sprayed must be VERY clean.  Use HOT Soapy water wherever you can.  Using SEM 39362 Sem Soap scrub the surface and rinse with water. Blow dry or towel dry then clean the surface with 38343 Sem Vinyl Prep or 38353 Plastic Prep. If the surface isn't clean the product won't stick.

For plastic surfaces you will need to use a plastic adhesion promoter.  SEM PN# 39863 Flexible Bonding Clear or PN# 38363 Sand Free both work well. Apply per manufacturer instructions.

Color Coat may then be applied in light even coats.  Several light coats work with 5-10 minutes between coats work much better than one heavy coat.

For added protection or change of sheen, apply one of Sem's clear coats. PN#'s 13003 High Gloss, 13013 Satin Gloss, or 13023 Low Luster.

Product will be dry to touch in approximately 10 minutes.  The substrate should not be subject to heavy abuse or abrasion for a 24 hour period minimum.




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