SprayMax, 1 Part Filler Primer Red Brown

Serial Number: SMT 3680001
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SprayMax 1 Part Filler Primer - Red Brown

This is an 1 Part Filler Primer, Red/Brown in color.  SprayMax 1 part filler primer is weldable and provides excellent adhesion and corrosion protection to bare metal ( properly prepared steel, aluminum, and stainless steel). This protection also applies to welded surfaces when the recommended application procedure is followed. SprayMax® has more yield, faster workspeed, broader spray pattern than conventional aerosols. The result: professional paint results like a spraygun, but without the disadvantages: no paint mixing, no cleaning of spraygun, no thinner for cleaning, no compressor, less overspray. SprayMax® - patented and only from KWASNY!

Salesman Notes:  SprayMax Aerosols work much like a conventional spraygun.  It has high transfer efficiency, and great atomization. 

How to Use:  First shake vigorously before using.  Usually about 3-5 minutes and about 15 seconds every couple of minutes while in use.

As a Weld-Thru Coating:  SprayMax Red/Brown primer has excellent adhesion and anticorrosion properties.  Red/Brown primer  reduces Anti- Spatter, with no drag. This product doesn't burn away from the sides of the weld.  Can be used on Zinc-Coated Steel, Anodized Aluminum, Hot-rolled or Cold rolled Steel, and many other surfaces.

Preparation: Properly clean and sand surfaces to be primed.  Use a good quality grease and wax remover before priming.  Apply 1-2 coats of product to each mating surface.  Allow 2-3 minutes between coats.  Coating should be dry to touch before parts can be MIG welded.


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