Zero Rust 62SP, Black, DTM Primer, Aerosol

Serial Number: 62SP
Manufacturer Name: Zero Rust
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Zero Rust 62SP, Black, DTM Primer, Aerosol

Zero Rust DTM Primer is a direct to metal primer designed for use over bare metal or rusted metal to form a barrier which keeps oxygen and moisture away from the metal to stop rust growth. Zero Rust has been tested to withstand over 2000 hours of salt spray with excellent results. Topcoating is optional, however the color of Zero-Rust will fade¬ when exposed to¬ ultra-violet light from the sun. This does not effect the corrosion resistance properties.

Zero Rust Benefits:

  • 10 Colors to Choose from: Red OxideGrayBlackCat YellowWhiteSafety BlueGreen, Safety Yellow, Safety Red, & Tan.
  • Air Dry (No Activators Required)
  • Direct To Metal
  • Topcoats are optional
  • Easy Application
  • No Sandblasting Required (Minimal surface preparation)
  • Scuff sand to recoat or repair
  • High Solids and Low V.O.C
  • Lead and Isocyanate Free

Zero Rust Surface Preparation:

  • Cleaning - All grease & oil must be removed prior to priming
  • Rusty Surfaces - Remove loose scale and powdery dust
  • New Galvanized Steel - Use a wash primer prior to applying Zero Rust

Zero Rust Application Procedure:

  • Black and Red Oxide have the highest corrosion resistance. Apply one of these as the first coat and use one of the other Zero Rust colors as the second when and different color is desired.
  • 2 coats
  • 3 mils wet film build recommended per coat
  • allow 20 minutes flash time between coats
  • Most any topcoat can be used. We suggest a test panel to ensure compatibility.
  • Excessive Film builds does not enhance the corrosion resistance and may even lengthen dry times substantially.

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