Al's Liner, Bed Liner, Spray on Bed Liner

Serial Number: AL 5700
Manufacturer Name: Al's Liner
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Al's Liner, Bed Liner, Spray on Bed Liner

What makes Al's Liner Bed Liner unique is the ability to protect all of your projects not only from everyday wear and tear, but it also gives you protection from the sun. Al's liner easy to apply spray on bed liner that is 100% UV resistant. Your beautiful Do It Yourself spray on bed liner coating will not fade, no matter what color you spray.

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Al's Liner Features and Benefits:

  • Chip Resistant
  • Scratch and Tear Resistant
  • A 40 mil (less than 1/16th of an inch) build will remain permanantly rubbery.
  • Achieve a wide variety of textures.
  • Sprays in 4 easy steps
  • Minimal personal protection required.
  • You don't need a spray booth.
  • 100% U.V. Resistant which means absolutely No Fading.
  • Tintable to Any Color.
  • Super Fast Curing (Rough Duty Use in just 72 hours)
  • Easy, Do It Yourself Bedliner
Q) How does Al's Liner compare to the big name, franchise liners?
     A)With a few exceptions, Al's Liner represents a new generation of polyurethane linings. Most of the big name franchise liners use very old and out of date technologies. Al's Liner is more UV stable and tougher than Rhino, Line X and blows the doors off the liners like Reflex, Armorthane, etc. Since you control the application it's very probable that no one, not even the pros, can match your Al's Liner durability and U.V. resistance.

Salesman Notes: Al's Liner is absolutely The Best Do It Yourself Spray on Bed Liner coating on the market today. Al's Liner rivals high quality brands such as Rhino Lining, Line X, Armorthane, and Reflex but at a price you can afford and best of all you can do it yourself with minimal amount of equipment. Another great feature of Al's Liner is that it stays permanently rubbery and will not fade out after extended exposure to the sun.  

(To quickly prep the surface to be coated look into a Nylon Filament Cup Brush such as the AL 6CB or AL4CB.)


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Coverage for Al's Liner Spray on Bed Liner is as follows:
  • 22 sq ft. Per gallon at 1/16" thick (62 mils)
  • 44 sq ft. Per gallon at 1/32" thick (31 mils)
  • 88 sq ft. Per gallon at 1/64" thick (15 mils)
  • If you want more coverage, you will sacrifice protection.

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